Deep House Dublin

SessionDigger – DHD International Series #04

Tomislav Suflaj aka Sessiondigger, Croatia

”Music is my all time passion, regardless of the form, style or genre. Electronic music is an important part of my musical heritage. I have started with DJ gigs back in the eighties, as a Club and Radio DJ. Have been holding residency for a few years in some Croatian and Slovenian clubs.

Today I am a non-professional DJ, collector, music lover, guitar player, hifi diy-er, sailor and father of these two girls you were turning your head a few days ago, down the alley. sessiondigger is writing a blog on electronic music.

I do DJ gigs from time to time. As much as I love vinyls, these days I am dealing mostly with digital releases and using Traktor.

Early 2000’s, supported by exceptional team of enthusiastic young people I did editorial for the first Croatian printed magazine dedicated to electronic music, named “”.

There is either a good music or the music I am not comfortable with.”

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